Tips to Save Dollars on Car Rentals

When booking a rental car for your holiday, take your time shopping for the best deal.

One of the biggest expenses on a vacation is car rental. Here are some tips on how to save money on your next rental car.

If you are traveling to a holiday destination and book another flight online or through a travel agency, you can get an even bigger discount on your car rental if you book part of it. Most car rental companies partner with some airlines to provide frequent flyer miles or other car rental rewards. In addition, many airlines offer rewards and rewards programs when you earn extra miles or extra credit, so you should inquire about these programs when booking.

When choosing a rental car, a compact or ultra-compact economy car costs more than a full-size sedan or minivan. Thus, choosing economy, you will not only come out a little more expensive, but also get better gas mileage, saving on gas costs.

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Whether you need a large sedan, SUV or minivan for the comfort of your family, this is well worth the time to buy. These types of vehicles are often in high demand and the prices are even higher. Travel websites are a good place to start your search to find out the average price in your holiday area.

The lease term also affects the cost. The weekly rent is very expensive compared to the daily price difference each week. So, if your vacation plans span a week or more, inquire about special rates. If you take a day off, many companies offer special weekend deals on some makes and models of their vehicles.

In addition, a number of national car companies and small local companies rent used cars in exchange for a few new cars from rental agencies. In most cases, these cars are only a few years old and offer all the protection that a new car has.

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For business travelers, joining the frequent renter club, or using multiple car rental companies each time, it’s great to get special coupons and great deals for family vacations.

Many people buy car insurance from a rental agency. Usually this is not necessary. If you purchased a rental car with your own credit car, you can always have insurance coverage under your credit card plan. Also, as a car owner, your car insurance may cover car rentals. Therefore, it is important that you check your credit card plan and car insurance, if you are insured, there is no need to purchase insurance from a car rental agency.

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